Sounds of our Towns

As CEO and Creative Facilitator of Retro Rehash, Willem Hendriksen has been creating online playlists of music from artists associated with the Blue Mountains scene. His aim for the playlists is to create further awareness for these emerging and established acts. The playlists should also connect these musicians with the wider Blue Mountains community and its transient tourist population. This wildly diverse series is titled Sounds Of Our Towns, and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Throughout the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was tough for local artists to connect with their audiences in meaningful, moving ways. Sounds Of Our Towns hopes to change this by educating listeners on a diverse array of local talent that is currently available to listen to. It also functions through QR codes that tourists and locals can scan with their phones to take them to the playlists.

Each playlist consists of ten to twelve tracks from Blue Mountains artists, categorised by genre, and carefully sequenced using our radio-based skills of flow and theming. The lengths of these playlists range from half an hour to one hour. The genres of these playlists include everything from folk to hip hop, electronic to metal, and blues to bluegrass.