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Brian Nichols (The Radiators)

Maintaining the intergenerational benefits observed through Kilbey and Swanee’s mentorships, Retro Rehash employed The Radiators’ frontman Brian Nichol to mentor local punk band Madam Fatale. After two solid rehearsals, the four rockers performed live hits from Brian’s 37 years in show business for a packed event at Katoomba’s Hotel Gearin in 2018.

“I was asked to mentor this group of young guys called Madam Fatale, the aim being to put some songs together for a mini-set and then do a gig. Did I have reservations? Yes. Was I nervous? Yes. I mean, I’m old, these guys are young, so how did it go? Bloody brilliant, that’s how it went. They say music has the power to transcend all age barriers and they’re right. We did some covers and a Radiators song. My main focus was to teach them to play hard and to entertain. In the end it all worked out because that’s the way they were anyway, which made playing with them so enjoyable. At times it was hard to tell if I was mentoring them or they were mentoring me! The gig was a gas, the crowd cheered, and to me it is still one of the great nights I’ve had.”

~ Brian Nichol (The Radiators)

Brian also provided the group with some performance and recording advice. This project inspired Madam Fatale to grow their following through playing more gigs and releasing an independently-recorded album.

“It’s been an awesome and strange experience. Brian is one of the nicest people and he’s quite unassuming for someone who is in such a well known band. It’s been amazing having time to work with him and see how he flows with the band, and to also see how he directs what he wants from a show or a song. He’s got some serious knowledge about music in general, but the thing that strikes me the most is his ability to recognise and act upon what makes a good live performance. He’s definitely taught us some tips. I have to say it’s also quite strange to be rehearsing with someone my mum went and saw quite a few times back in the day!”

~ Luke Bindoff (Madam Fatale)