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$10,000 Blue Mountains City Of The Arts Grant: Safire Palms’ Single Launch

In late 2019, Retro Rehash organised a mentorship from local creative industry professionals for the young Blue Mountains psych-funk band, Safire Palms. This resulted in a sold out launch event at Junction 142 to celebrate the release of Safire Palms’ debut single ‘Jam Sandwich’, which was grant-funded with the support of guest vocalist Michelle James, Hibiscus Biscuit, The Regime, and the K-Town Funky Horns.

Retro Rehash also collaborated with a rehearsal space in partnership with Mountains Youth Services Team (MYST) For Safire Palms to PreP. Another Amazing by product of this mentorship is Rehearsal space was provided through the (MYST), and Junction 142. The mentorship project led to $8000 in donations for a new studio space at MYST Katoomba.