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Lithgow Lowdown

Lithgow Lowdown is an event that is showcasing the Amazing Talent that is bringing talent from the Blue Mountains and Lithgow/central west to offer. With a main event where 4 mentors from the likes of Masters Apprentices and Midnight oil and the first Drummer from AC/DC. That will be performing with mentors a medley of songs from their back catalogue. This mentorship will be involving artist from 5 lithgow acts, in which they will learn about songcraft and stage craft. This will be celebration of bringing artist together and showcasing what happens when we bring the local creative community together in an collaborative environment 

Also we will be fundraising money for Mingaan Tribal Council for their cool burning ranger project.

The Lithgow Lowdown event is actualised  due to a FRRR grant in collaboration with GBMCAN

Location: Club Lithgow, Lithgow

Featured Artists Included

Lithgow All-Stars
Acid Amora
Sam Bucca
Jaade Flynn / Yanhadarrambal

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