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Funky Punky Party

Ushering in a unique combination of funk and punk, our Funky Punky Party was a rocking ‘n’ roaring success that encouraged new mutual love for the grooves of deep slap bass and gritty power chords.
The headlining act was a Sydney-based five piece called Thunder Fox, who served their sweet sounds in harmony with three supporting acts. Firstly, the DJ’s from Idiot Proof warmed up the space in style, before Danger Baby took to the stage to deliver some nimble and memorable soul grooves in the lead up to Madam Fatale, who shook the house with three chords, the truth, and Brian Nichol from The Radiators.

Through the running of this event, we earned vital funds for Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM, our local community broadcaster, as well as for Toolo, the Blue Mountains tool library. The Roxy Room was also replete with DIY upcycled art in fresh, funky colours, and many laughs were shared.
Visual Artists: Edith Tebay (BLue Mountains), Jeff MCann (Sydney), Linda Swinfeild (Blue mountains), Karl KuTsche (Blue Mountains)

“I was asked to mentor this group of young guys called Madam Fatale, the aim being to put some songs together for a mini-set and then do a gig. Did I have reservations? Yes. Was I nervous? Yes. I mean, I’m old, these guys are young, so how did it go? Bloody brilliant, that’s how it went. They say music has the power to transcend all age barriers and they’re right. We did some covers and a Radiators song. My main focus was to teach them to play hard and to entertain. In the end it all worked out because that’s the way they were anyway, which made playing with them so enjoyable. At times it was hard to tell if I was mentoring them or they were mentoring me! The gig was a gas, the crowd cheered, and to me it is still one of the great nights I’ve had.”

~ Brian Nichol (The Radiators)

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