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Dead Mans Chest Pirate Fest

After delivering three successful Locomotion events, we decided to don our eye patches, fasten our peg legs, and walk the plank to the Dead Man’s Chest Pirate Fest at the Station Bar. Mountainous crew mates and landlubbers bore witness to a motley crew of musicians and artists, headlined by Blackbreaks, a swashbuckling hard rock group featuring Chris Dubrow; formerly of Insurge, who once appeared on rage. Also prowling aboard our ‘ship’ were The Fire Alive from Melbourne, who fired away their cosmic rock jams with The Choirboys’ Lindsay Tebbutt on drums. Two authentic blues performers rounded out the night; the Mississippi delta-styled Chris O, and Mark ‘N the Blues. Shiver me timbers! 

“One of the most memorable Blackbreaks shows ever was a thing Willem Hendriksen pulled together called the Dead Man’s Chest Pirate Fest. The Station Bar in Katoomba simply did not know what hit it! [It was] absolutely jam packed full of party pirates, [with] crazy décor everywhere, and all the bands went off. It seemed that most of the audience joined in with us to loudly sing [to] our rendition of The Muppets’ ‘Shiver Me Timbers’, and they were all jumping about like maniacs from the first to the very last chord. Mayhem. Great mayhem!”
~ Chris Dubrow (Blackbreaks)

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